Mercedes-Benz Unveils Ultimate Luxury Helicopter for $8.5 Million

Mercedes Benz
Mercedes-Benz EC145

The new EC145 has a signature Mercedes look with an interior akin to the carmaker's luxury sedans.

Ryan Kavanaugh may have had to stop flying his helicopter into Los Angeles from his home in Malibu due to noise complaints, but the Relativity Media CEO might want to find a new spot to land a chopper soon. Mercedes-Benz and Eurocopter have just unveiled a new helicopter sure to land at the top of any mogul’s wish list.

The EC145 Mercedes-Benz Style Helicopter is the product of a collaboration between the helicopter company and the auto firm’s new design division, Mercedes-Benz Style, based in Como, Italy. The EC145 sports a signature silver Mercedes exterior, while the interior boasts the comfort and sophistication of one of the carmaker’s luxury sedans. A range of deluxe materials are available for seat upholstery in the cockpit and cabin, while flooring and ceiling panels can be done in a choice of woods. Other details include adjustable ambient lighting (borrowed from the E- and S-class cars) and a rail system allowing seat configurations for 4 to 8 passengers. The seats can also be removed altogether for luggage storage.

“Eurocopter’s cooperation with Mercedes-Benz brings together the world’s leading producer of corporate and business helicopters with the automobile manufacturer that sets global standards for luxury and style,” said Olivier Lambert, Eurocopter’s svp for sales and customer relations in a statement.

Mercedes-Benz Style plans to design, through contract work and licensing, an array of products, including lifestyle items, furniture and industrial pieces.

An unnamed European customer has already purchased one of the helicopters, which are available for through Eurocopter at a price of around $6 million Euros, currently about $8.5 million.