Meredith Vieira’s Last Day on Today: Watch Her Most Memorable Moments (Video)

From a disastrous ice skating segment with Will Ferrell to accidentally insulting James Franco, relive her funniest clips on the NBC morning show.

Meredith Vieira stepped down as co-anchor of the Today show Wednesday after a little more than five years.

"It's tough. It's a hard one," she said of her decision to leave her job to spend more time with her husband and children. "[I have] very mixed emotions. I know it's right, but it's hard."

Above, a video of some of Vieira's most memorable moments, beginning with her announcement on May 9 that she would sign off the air. "I've had a really great time, but time is one of those things you can never get enough of. It keeps ticking away."

In one of the clips, Vieira falls while ice skating with Will Ferrell. "Wow, that hurt!" she says live on air before signing off for commercial.

In another moment, Vieira gets into a pillow fight with Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford while serving as a fourth-hour producer to promote the show. "This is not what I had in mind!" she jokingly fumes while storming off set.

In another moment, Vieira attempts to text message and drive at the same time on a simulator. "Oh s--t!" she accidentally screams on air.

Vieira also puts her foot in her mouth in the last clip, an interview with James Franco to discuss his Oscar nomination for 127 Hours. "They stuck this ear wig in my ear, so I got to hear your whole interview with Colin Firth. He'll be polishing his statue, huh?" Franco jokes as Vieira tries to recover. "I will polish yours as well!" she says. "OK, I'm going to go on to the next question."

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