The Message Behind Hillary Clinton's Purple Concession Speech Suit

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton concedes-Nov. 9 - Getty-H 2016
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

What do you get when you unite red and blue? Purple.

Hillary Clinton long ago established that the pantsuit was her uniform of choice for this presidential election (many of them by her go-to designer Ralph Lauren), with the only significant changes being her colors and kitten heels for each of the campaign stops. 

Even for the debates, Clinton pointedly wore red, white and blue pantsuits. However, for her concession speech Wednesday evening, the candidate's color of choice was a bit more subdued — yet powerful nonetheless. Unlike Chelsea Clinton, who wore what some interpret as all-black "mourning attire," Clinton hit the stage in a Ralph Lauren two-tone charcoal gray wool suit accented with a purple silk charmeuse blouse and lapels. 

In a campaign in which each of her outfits was carefully dissected, Clinton knew that her clothes for her final time on the stage during the whirlwind that was the 2016 Election Season would be another silent communicator. Her final message? One of unity, and the coming together (blending, if you will) of the deeply divided red and blue nation. 

Bill Clinton, too, donned a purple tie for the occasion as he stood behind his wife during her speech. Meanwhile, president-elect Donald Trump gave his victory speech while wearing a bright red tie, which matched the sea of red "Make America Great Again" hats that filled the audience. His running mate, Mike Pence, wore a blue tie — perhaps the pair's own way of spreading a unified message.