A message from the publisher



I would like to personally introduce you to The Hollywood Reporter weekly Asia newsletter, created for entertainment executives that work globally with specialized interest in the Asian marketplace.

THR's Asia Newsletter is a weekly email newsletter delivered to executives in Asia Tuesday mornings. It will include news, analysis, reviews and video dedicated to and for the Asian entertainment industry. We aim to provide you with news and insight that will best serve your international business needs, as well as those you make locally.

THR's own Patrick Frater, a 20-year entertainment industry veteran and one of the leading voices on the Asia region, will lead our global staff in compiling the editorial features best suited for the newsletter. THR's global staff of writers will bring insight and expertise to the Asian business sector on a weekly basis and report news and information that affects business decisions for executives working throughout Asia and those working around the world. Its purpose is to provide qualified and insightful editorial content.

With offices in Hong Kong, Beijing and writers throughout Asia, The Hollywood Reporter has long recognized the importance of the region to the global entertainment industry, as it represents the fastest growing film market in the world. Launching THR Asia is a strong complement to THR's dedicated Asian-based, English-language website, THR.com/asia, which covers Southeast Asia, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea and Australia/New Zealand. THR.com/asia incorporates news from around the globe, as well as all Asia-related wire stories from Reuters and AP and local boxoffice analysis.

The THR Asia newsletter will launch reaching over 20,000 readers, making it an extremely targeted and impactful advertising platform. It is for this reason we are very proud to recognize the Asia Pacific Screen Awards in supporting the launch of the THR Asia Newsletter.

I hope you enjoy this new weekly product and take advantage of its full editorial and marketing reach.

Best wishes,

Eric Mika
Publisher, Hollywood Reporter
Vice President, Nielsen Media & Entertainment Group