Met Gala 2013: Rooney Mara, Katie Holmes and Rita Ora's White Riot

Richie Heathcote Miller Split - H 2013
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Richie Heathcote Miller Split - H 2013

In a sea of black lace, plaid, shreds and studs, a bevy of beauties wore etherial white to take on fashion's biggest night of punk.

The Met Gala is typically fashion's biggest night, with elaborately creative couture gowns worn by notables aiming to raise awareness (and lots of money) for the costume program at one of the country's most major museums. But this year, perhaps with the further proliferation of fashion's democratization, the continual rise of trend-worshipping fashion bloggers (and their cult-like followings) and an exhibit theme that veered dangerously close to gimmicky, the majority of red carpet choices were "meh" at best. 

Of course, in the sea of straight-from-a-bag Halloween costume-esque getups (yes Madonna, we mean you) were some bright spots (Katy Perry's interesting Dolce & Gabbana was quite cool; as was Blake Lively's sweeping Gucci gown). And one theme that was a nice departure from those who appeared to channel a Ramones album cover verbatim was the colorless hue of white, which made a rather dramatic showing on the red carpet. 

You don't typically think of white when punk is concerned, unless you look toward Debbie Harry's sometimes penchant for white slip dresses. But those who wore it did it well, with Nicole Richie matching her new Jack Frost hair 'do (itself a bit debatable) to a long white TopShop gown, Bella Heathcote working a custom lace Chanel and Sienna Miller pairing her snow-hued Burberry dress with a studded leather jacket designed by Christopher Bailey, too. 


See photos of other boldfacers who made white noise at the punk-fueled soiree, below. 


Hailee Steinfeld in fun Donna Karan look befitting a 16 year-old. 


Katie Holmes being as minimal as can be in a nearly accessory-less Calvin Klein halter number.


Rooney Mara completely stealing the show in a lacy Givenchy complete with dramatic oxblood lips. 


Rita Ora in a beaded, spirited look by Thakoon.