Met Gala: This Is How a Star Dermatologist Gave Everyone Their Game Face

Rachel Weisz, Dr. David Colbert and Naomi Watts.

The stars have been lining up for these no-downtime, results-driven procedures ahead of Monday's Met extravaganza, according to NYC celebrity derm Dr. David Colbert.

With months to prep for New York's social event of the year, a number of A-list attendees are flocking to dermatologists around the city for last-minute skin-care treatments that offer immediate results, with no downtime. Just days before the Met Gala — and even the day of — celebrities have been turning to experts including Dr. David Colbert for treatments that guarantee red-carpet-ready skin.

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Michelle Williams, Angelina Jolie and Naomi Watts are amongst a handful of clients who have visited the dermatologist for his signature Triad facial and full-body treatments (starting at $1,500), which consist of light microdermabrasion, followed by a laser treatment that stimulates immediate collagen production.

“The initial results are ‘wow,’ ” says Colbert of the instantaneous radiance, which can last for up to a week. “They are more dramatic at the beginning. The glow you get from fresh new collagen is visible right away and there’s also increased blood flow to the skin, and plumpness.” 

Also of note is the Collagen Bed (30 mins for $300), which Colbert dubs as the “anti-tanning bed” for its ability to reduces inflammation in the skin and improve tone using LED. “It's a favorite of the stars, including Rosie Huntington-Whiteley,” says Colbert.

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Even without an appointment with one of New York’s in-demand dermatologists, clients can get a red-carpet-ready glow at home using Colbert’s products, including his namesake Tone Control Facial Discs ($72), which shrink pores and reduce redness, followed by the glow-inducing Illumino Face Oil ($138) and Body Oil ($100).

“Its a great way to get your full body looking wonderful,” adds Colbert. “It’s a beautiful night in New York, and women will be wearing a lot of low-cut dresses and showing off their legs.”