Met Gala: Jerry Seinfeld, Kate Upton on Their Most Punk-Rock Moments

So punk!

The stars dish the dirt on their sordid pasts -- or lack thereof.

Beyonce who? Madonna, Queen of Pop, stole the show from fellow late-arriver Queen Bey at this year's splashy punk-themed Met Gala, hitting the red carpet in a Givenchy plaid jacket, a barely-there fishnet body stocking, a black wig and layers of chains and metal. Her entourage included twenty-something dancer-beau Brahim Zaibat, whose Edward Scissorhands-y ensemble included a black skirt over black pants and who clutched small versions of the flags of Israel and Palestine.

Before those two arrived, the only real punk on the scene was model Kristen McNenamy, sporting a stark black Alexander Wang get-up and a wild-eyed expression. She lamented: "Is it OK to say the theme is punk? It’s like a costume party for punk. ... It ain’t cool. Nothing’s cool. Nothing’s cool about this event!"

When asked whether she was excited to meet any of the celebrities inside the triple-VIP, Anna Wintour-hosted bash, McNenamy replied: "NO." Then she spit on the floor and stalked away.

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Meanwhile, the stars arrived in droves. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. Tiger Woods and Lindsay Vonn. A newly blonde Anne Hathaway with guyliner-ed husband Adam Shulman, a spiky-haired Miley Cyrus in a mesh column gown and Psy looking "Gangnam Style"-ish in a red-checked tux. "On the stage, and with the music, but not in the real life," said the Korean pop phenom, addressing his level of punk-iness.

Most played it safe and were shiny and freshly showered. Amid all the chaos and air-kissing, The Hollywood Reporter managed to snag some boldfaced names to answer the question: What's the most punk-rock thing you've ever done? 

Take it away, Jerry Seinfeld:

When NBC would do a theme blackout night, every sitcom on Thursday night had to have a blackout as part of the storyline. We would refuse. That was our big rebellious thing that we used to do. That was the ‘90s.

Kate Upton: I don’t know if I really went through a rebellious stage – but maybe it was "swimsuit model going into high fashion"!

Jimmy Fallon: I taped posters on my ceiling. My parents didn’t want me to do that. When I was a kid, I was like, "Yeah, I’m gonna tape all these posters on my ceiling, all over my walls!" It was like the big rebellious thing. But these are posters I just found anywhere. My sisters, like, had a poster of Michael J. Fox. The U.S. hockey team [poster] came in the newspaper -- that’s why I hung that. Whatever posters I could find. Star Wars. They weren’t just, like, metal and punk rock posters.

Mindy Kaling: Staying up to watch Saturday Night Live when I was a little bit younger. I was a kid. I was a good kid. That’s why I’m here but not a model.

Allison Williams: I used to lie. I lied that my grandmother was dead. She was not!

Darren Criss: I’ve been in many a fight. I still have a scar on my shoulder from a fight I got in at an H20 concert when I was in sixth grade.

Jason Wu: Dyed my hair in every color when I was young. There’s no hair now because I did it all.

Greta Gerwig: [Moving] to New York City! … For college, but it was a big deal for me.

Andy Cohen: I was a Deadhead for about five years! I followed the Dead around. [But] I’m not really a rebellious person. …. Late at night I can get a little rebellious.

Julie Chen: The most punk rock thing I ever did was I had blue hairspray in high school and I sprayed it in my hair. … I went to Catholic high school so that was only on a Saturday or a Sunday because I would have gotten kicked out.

CBS boss Les Moonves: Well, I smoked cigarettes from the time I was 16 ‘til I was 30, so I smoked a lot of cigarettes. I smoked other things too. I had a pretty wild childhood. I think I was a pretty normal guy. My hair got a little long then.

Model Anja Rubik: I sneaked into [a] Marilyn Manson [concert] backstage … many, many years ago. I was a huge fan of his.

Tom Ford: I can’t tell you! I don’t drink anymore and …. I can’t tell you!

Now it's your turn: any tales of rebellion? Skeletons in the closet? Fashion faux pas you'd sooner forget? 

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