Met Gala Will Be the Backdrop for Not One, but Two Upcoming Heist Films

Rihanna Met Gala - H 2015
AP Images/Invision

Rihanna Met Gala - H 2015

Fashion's biggest night is headed to the big screen. Again.

What is it about the Met Gala that makes for such good drama?

The Oscars of fashion, as it's often dubbed, is slated to be the backdrop for two upcoming thrillers. The first, New Line Cinema’s Met Gala Heist, is a film about — you guessed it — a heist that takes place at fashion’s biggest night. Written by Gregg Rossen and Brian Sawyer, Met Gala Heist follows two estranged sisters who assemble an all-female team to carry out their plan.

Speaking of all-female teams, the second Met Gala-based plot comes courtesy of Warner Bros.: an all-female Ocean’s 11 franchise reboot, Ocean’s Ocho. Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway and Helena Bonham Carter are just a few of the heavy hitters signed on for the Olivia Milch-penned and Gary Ross-helmed flick, which is reportedly another heist centered on the Met Gala, according to THR’s Borys Kit.

By all appearances, Anna Wintour would have everyone think her exclusive annual fundraising gala for the Met Museum’s Costume Institute is the picture of decorum, full of sumptuous clothes worn by perfectly turned-out people, floor-to-ceiling floral arrangements and champagne — lots and lots of champagne.

But the real-life Met Ball has seen plenty of drama in the past few years, too — and we’re not just talking about 55-pound gowns, practically naked sheer dresses or blue contact lenses (although those looks did warrant their fair share of attention). Who can forget the Solange-Beyonce-Jay Z elevator fiasco of 2014, in which Bey’s little sis turned a stiletto into a weapon?

Not to mention, it was at this year’s gala that Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston shared a dance that led to one of the year’s most controversial relationships. Oh, and Solange managed to stir the pot yet again with a mysterious subtweet about a "rude and annoying" guest.

Demi Lovato, too, had her own social media scandal following the publication of a photo in which Nicki Minaj appeared to be giving the singer major side eye. Maybe Wintour was on to something when she attempted to ban social media at the 2015 gala. (Of course, you won’t see any of this drama in 2016’s upcoming Met Gala documentary, The First Monday in May.)

It’ll be quite some time before the two Met Gala-based heist films make it to theaters (both are still in development), but perhaps Wintour will up the security surrounding next year's event — you know, should anyone get any ideas.