Metallica's James Hetfield Starts His Own Line of Sunglasses

The singer has partnered with San Francisco-based Sutro Eyewear to created the limited-edition JH Sutro Sunglasses called "the Hetfield.

When it comes to cool eyewear, ladies want to look like movie stars or models, but guys probably prefer to look like rock stars or sports stars.

To that end, Metallica frontman James Hetfield has partnered with Sutro Eyewear to launch the limited-edition JH Sutro Sunglasses. His model is duly dubbed "the Hetfield," which comes in black and tortoise versions.

They look a bit between a Ray-Ban shape and something much more biker or punk. Hetfield describes them as "built to look faster than a speeding riff and to handle the life of a road dog like me."

The glasses' hinges are said to be 10 times stronger than normal sunglass hinges. They retail for $219.99 and are a good middleground between a classic frame shape -- one that reads "grown-up" -- and one that reads "rocker dude." The price is also a nice compromise between designer shades by Tom Ford, which run about $400, and Ray-Bans, which run about $125.

Metal and rock kids everywhere will be grabbing these up, although they're a bit pricey for the average metal head, aren't they? They've got a nice "tough" feeling and a good rocker edge. What they don't have, however, is any hint of femininity, so it's doubtful girls will go for them. So what's next? Sunglasses from Justin Bieber, Kanye West -- or the hologrammed Tupac Shakur? None of this seems particularly unlikely.