Metrodome returns 'Haditha' rights to HanWay


LONDON -- U.K. distributor Metrodome is handing back U.K. rights to Nick Broomfield's Iraq drama documentary "Battle for Haditha" to sales agent Hanway Films.

"Metrodome Distribution have agreed to hand back U.K. rights to sales agent Hanway Films on Nick Broomfield's Iraq drama documentary 'Battle for Haditha' and to release each others obligation with immediate effect," Hanway said in a statement.

In the statement, Broomfield said: "This is an amicable decision and I consider Metrodome to be a great company. I look forward to continuing our ongoing relationship working with them on many of my other films."

Added Hanway Films CEO Tim Haslam: "Hanway and Metrodome are currently enjoying working together on 'Away From Her' starring the stunning Julie Christie ... and we will continue our relationship with Metrodome."

A spokesperson from Metrodome declined further comment on the reason for the reversal.