Metrodome's double Chinese takeaway


LONDON -- U.K. indie Metrodome Distribution has ordered a double Chinese takeaway by snapping up all U.K. rights to a brace of titles from Chinese director Feng Xiaogang ("Big Shot's Funeral").

Metrodome's Chinese take out includes Feng's "Assembly" and "The Banquet" and will see the U.K. distributor pledge to roll both titles out in U.K. theaters.

The deal for the two titles was struck by Metrodome GM home entertainment Tom Stewart, the company's acquisitions' manager Kate Edwards, Metrodome CEO Peter Urie and Felice Bee from Huayi Bros. Pictures.

Metrodome's Sara Frain, GM theatrical, will oversee the films theatrical release campaign, the company said.

"This continues to be an interesting time for Chinese cinema and Huayi Bros. are an exciting company representing quality productions. I look forward to a very successful future together," Stewart said.

Set during the bloody Huaihai Campaign of the 1948 Chinese Civil War, "Assembly" is based on a true story and follows one man's journey in search of truth and honor.

"The Banquet" is a story loosely adapted from Shakespeare's Hamlet. It is set in the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms Period, in 10th century China.

Metrodome plans to release "Assembly" in theaters in the spring and "The Banquet" later in the year.