Mexican Comedy 'Nostoros los Nobles' Storming to Box Office History

Already eighth in box office earnings all time, the chart-topper has its sights set on the biggest run in the country's history.

MEXICO CITY -- The Warner Bros. release Nosotros los Nobles has become one of Mexico's top 10 all-time box office earners after just three weeks in theaters -- and it may well grab the top spot if its successful run continues. 

The feature film debut of writer-director Gary "Gaz" Alazraki has raked in nearly $8.5 million and it's currently tied at number eight all-time with Alfonso Cuaron's acclaimed road movie And Your Mother Too.

Produced by newcomer Alazraki Films and former Warner Bros. production head Leonardo Zimbron, the hit comedy plays on social class stereotypes in a story that centers on three spoiled Mexicans who are cut off from their family fortune and forced to do the unthinkable -- get a job. 

Nosotros los Nobles, which translates as We are the Nobles, is chasing the Gael Garcia Bernal-starrer El Crimen del Padro Amaro (The Crime of Father Amaro), Mexico's reigning box office champ since its 2002 release. In the coming weeks, Nosotros los Nobles should easily climb to a top five ranking.

Released on 400-plus prints, the film held its own last week against wide Hollywood releases such as The Croods and GI Joe: Retaliation. It had the second biggest opening weekend ever in Mexican cinema.

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