Mexican Wrestling Star Dies From Fatal Blow in Ring

Pedro Aguayo Ramirez - H 2015
AP Photo/Enrique Ordonez-CUARTOSCURO.COM

Baja California state authorities said El Hijo del Perro Aguayo died Saturday from cervical spine trauma.

Beloved Mexican wrestler El Hijo del Perro Aguayo (Pedro Aguayo) has died in Tijuana, Mexico, after taking a dropkick to the neck in a lucha libre tag-team bout.

Son of wrestling legend El Perro Aguayo, Aguayo Jr. is seen in TV Azteca footage collapsing onto the ropes after receiving a flying kick from former WWE star Rey Mysterio Jr. during a Friday night match in Tijuana, Mexico.

The match continued for several seconds before the other wrestlers in the ring and the referee realized that Aguayo had suffered a serious injury.

The Baja California State Prosecutor's Office said the cause of death was cervical spine trauma, and it has opened an investigation into manslaughter.

Mexican wrestling association AAA said Aguayo was participating in an independently promoted event organized by a company called The Crash. Aguayo turned professional at 15 years old and had been wrestling for two decades.

News of Aguayo's death was a top trending topic on Twitter, and it prompted an outpouring of support from fans and professional wrestlers. Famed wrestler El Hijo del Santo called Aguayo's death a tragedy.

Said Rey Mysterio Jr.: "With all the respect in the world, I offer my deepest sympathy to the Aguayo family."