Mexico boxoffice sets new mark


MEXICO CITY -- Mexico's exhibition industry reached an all-time high in boxoffice revenue this year, according to the annual report released Wednesday by the National Film Chamber.

Film chamber president Miguel Angel Davila said that boxoffice receipts came in at slightly more than 6 billion pesos ($556 million), up from $547 million in 2005. That accounts for 44% of the entire Latin American boxoffice take this year. U.S. films accounted for 87% of Mexico's boxoffice total. Admissions stood at 164 million, a 1.6% increase compared with last year.

Admission in Brazil and Argentina grew 7.6% and 6.4%, respectively, according to the report.

Mexico continues to dominate Latin America in terms of screen count. By year's end, Mexico will have 3,762 screens, compared with Brazil's 2,000-plus and about 1,000 in Argentina.

Home video sales dropped significantly this year to 18 million units sold, compared with 25.8 million last year. Davila blamed Mexico's rampant piracy.

According to the film chamber's numbers, Mexico ranks fifth worldwide in attendance, eighth in screen count and eleventh in boxoffice receipts.