Mexico Stunned by Donald Trump Victory

Donald Trump - H Screengrab 2016

The shocking result has sent the Mexican peso tumbling.

Mexicans are waking up to the frightening reality Wednesday that Donald Trump has been elected the next president of the United States of America.

Trump's anti-immigration rhetoric has elicited strong reactions in Mexico and as one might expect, his victory has many Mexicans scared of what the future holds.

Several Mexican dailies on Wednesday led with the headline: "A temblar," an expression in Spanish for fear.

Mozart in the Jungle actor Gael Garcia Bernal offered an invitation to all on Twitter: "World: Come live in Mexico. You will be welcome. I say it with the certainty that the majority of us think that way."

Trump's surprising win over Hillary Clinton has major political, economic and social implications for Mexico. Among the market concerns that sent the Mexico peso reeling is Trump's proposal to nix or renegotiate the North America Free Trade Agreement, among other trade deals.

In a previous statement to The Hollywood Reporter, Mexico's National Film Chamber (Canacine) said the proposal to nullify NAFTA would spell big economic trouble.

"A revocation of the free trade agreement would have negative consequences for both countries, and for many industries, not just the film industry," Canacine said. "It's a lose-lose scenario."

President Enrique Pena Nieto, who once compared Trump to Adolf Hitler, is expected to make a statement Wednesday after meeting with Secretary of Foreign Affairs Claudia Ruiz Massieu.

Also worrisome for Mexico is Trump's proposal to deport some 11 million undocumented workers from the U.S. as well as his controversial plan to tax a portion of U.S. remittances sent to Mexico if the Mexican government does not agree to pay for his multibillion-dollar border wall proposal.

Taxing remittances, a key source of income for Mexico, would hurt many poor Mexican families and massive deportations would add to the nation's economic woes.

Prior to the election, Mexico's central bank was making contingency plans in the event of a Trump victory. Central bank governor Agustin Carstens, who has yet to provide details of the plans, said a Trump win would hit Mexico like a "hurricane."

In the post-election aftermath, Mexican filmmaker Guillermo del Toro tweeted some sensible words of advice for all: "The world has changed. But who we are, what we believe in, what we stand for — each of us ­ — will be as true tomorrow as it is today."