"Mexico's Most Powerful Woman" Allegedly Spends $3 Million in Embezzled Funds at Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus Shopping Spree - H 2013
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Neiman Marcus Shopping Spree - H 2013

The luxury department store stays mum amid reports that Mexico Teachers' Union boss Elba Esther Gordillo spent three years paying off her house credit card with embezzled funds.

Elba Esther Gordillo, the head of Mexico's Teachers' Union who is widely considered to be "Mexico's Most Powerful Woman," was charged with embezzlement Wednesday after being arrested and jailed for allegedly misappropriating roughly $160 million in union funds. 

While Gordillo reportedly spent $17,000 on plastic surgery and bought a seven-figure home in San Diego, the story takes a fashion-related twist in that the union boss also spent nearly $3 million at Neiman Marcus. 

According to CNN Expansion, there were 22 bank transfers made to the high-end retailer between 2009 and 2012, with the funds going to pay off credit card bills. 

There's no word on what Gordillo bought. Although with glittery $1,180 Fendi T-strap sandals, $6,390 Prada ostrich totes and $14,990 Zac Posen gowns being Neiman Marcus de rigueur, we're sure she had no trouble finding swoonworthy supplies throughout her spree. 

While the company hasn't commented on the incident, they did send a tweet on Tuesday night saying: "We hear your concerns tonight and we're listening. We cannot comment on any matter that is under investigation." Because of the evasive nature of the tweet, many of the 2,057 people who retweeted the post seemed confused as to what the retailer was non-commenting on.