MGM: Horror takes the lead

2007 boxoffice: $363.0 mil | Market share: 3.8%

Settling into its role as a distribution-centered studio and partner with a revived United Artists, MGM, under chairman and CEO Harry Sloan, scored a major coup at year's end: Along with New Line, it said that Peter Jackson will oversee two films adapted from J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Hobbit," which the companies will co-produce. Throughout the bulk of the year, MGM kept busy with a mixed slate. High points included the Weinstein Co. horror films "1408" and a reimagined "Halloween," directed by Rob Zombie. Released on Christmas Day, the Weinstein Co.'s "The Great Debaters" entere d the field as a year-end awards hopeful. But MGM suffered disappointment with the lackluster showing for UA's first big release, "Lions for Lambs."

MGM 2007 boxofficeRelease dateBoxoffice
Arthur and the Invisibles1/1215.1
Blood and Chocolate1/26 3.5
Hannibal Rising2/927.7
Two Weeks3/20.05
The Ex5/113.1
Mr. Brooks6/128.5
Rescue Dawn7/45.5
Who’s Your Caddy?7/275.7
Death at a Funeral8/178.6
The Nanny Diaries8/2425.9
The Hunting Party9/70.9
Feast of Love9/283.5
Lars and the Real Girl10/12 5.7
Music Within10/260.2
Lions for Lambs11/914.9
The Mist11/2125.3
The Great Debaters12/2516.4
Van Wilder II: The Rise of Taj12/1/060.007
Home of the Brave12/15/060.03
Rocky Balboa12/20/0619.1
Black Christmas12/25/064.1
The Flying Scotsman12/29/060.1
Factory Girl12/29/061.7
Miss Potter12/29/063.0