MGM: two up for remake treatment

MGM may remake the '80s action films

CANNES -- MGM could be bringing back the Cold War.

"Red Dawn," John Milius' 1984 tale of a group of American rebels fighting Soviet forces, is a candidate for a remake, studio toppers Harry Sloan and Mary Parent revealed Saturday at the American Pavilion in Cannes.

They also confirmed that 1987's "Robocop" could resurface in a new version.

As for all the bad buzz surrounding "Valkyrie," from MGM subsidiary UA, Sloan said that photos of an eyepatch-clad Tom Cruise as an SS office were "a little bit unfortunate," but were released to reassure the German government about the seriousness of the project.

MGM/UA's prepared to prevail over the nay-sayers. "We've had image problems before," Sloan said, alluding to early negativity on hits like "Casino Royale" and "Rocky Balboa." "The film will speak for itself.