M.I.A. Claims the Grammys Stole From Her Performance


Electronic and hip-hop artist M.I.A. (WME) is planning a collaboration with Versace.

The artist takes to social media to proclaim that the Bob Marley tribute borrowed heavily from her own laser-focused show concept.

On Wednesday, M.I.A. told fans: "If you want to see the real thing or get it first, come to a M.I.A. show."

The note comes via the artist's official Tumblr, referring to her recent rant about how the Grammys allegedly stole her laser-heavy performance concept from a January concert in Australia for its tribute to Bob Marley. Now, M.I.A. says she will be "keeping a steal log" on Tumblr to document all the ways she allegedly is being ripped off.

Beginning the new year with a vendetta titled "M.I.A. vs. The System," the musician takes issue with the Marley tribute by Bruno Mars, Sting, Rihanna, and Ziggy and Damian Marley, which featured an illuminated backdrop with neon lights. Comparing side-by-side images of her own show and the Grammy performance, she writes: "My ideas came from my life. My set was based on Tamil Hindu temple. Not Bob Marley."

In a proclamation on Twitter, the Tamil-British recording artist also compares an estimated cost of each respective set: "M.I.A. $500 : Grammys $5,000,000."

M.I.A. was nominated for the best shortform music video Grammy for "Bad Girls" but ultimately lost to Rihanna's "We Found Love."