Mia Farrow heads to Darfur during Olympics


SAN FRANCISCO -- As the world turns its attention to Beijing and the Summer Olympic Games, Mia Farrow will be broadcasting from a Sudanese refugee camp to highlight China's involvement in the region.

Farrow will spend the first week of the Beijing Olympics in August showing the poor living conditions of ethnic African refugees displaced by conflict with the Sudanese Arab-dominated government, the group Dream for Darfur announced Thursday.

The group criticizes China's role as Sudan's main trading partner, buying oil from Sudan and selling the country many of the weapons used to wage war on the agrarian tribal people of Darfur, said executive director Jill Savitt.

Farrow's broadcasts will be available over the Internet.

Representatives for the 63-year-old actress said Farrow couldn't immediately be reached for comment.

Dream for Darfur, along with partners Save Darfur Coalition and the San Francisco Bay Area Darfur Coalition, also wants world leaders to boycott the opening ceremonies unless the United Nations African Union Mission in Darfur, a peacekeeping mission, is fully deployed in the region.

"We're calling on world leaders to not sit by as Beijing celebrates itself," Savitt said.