M.I.A. Says 'Cultural Appropriation' Concerns Are Holding Up Release of New Video

Associated Press

"I can't put out a video because it's shot in Africa."

After sharing some new music within the last few months, M.I.A. is gearing up to release her first new video in a long while -- or at least, she wants to, but someone is preventing it.

The iconoclastic artist alluded to someone preventing her from sharing the new video (her record label? Management?) on Twitter yesterday (May 18) because of concerns over cultural appropriation, as the video was filmed in Africa's Ivory Coast.

It's an interesting case, since M.I.A. is known for her aggregation of international influences (she is Sri Lankan and grew up in London), and has released a number of critically acclaimed music videos also filmed in Africa.

Read her thoughts on the situation below:

This article originally appeared on Billboard.com