Miami Cold Snap Can't Chill Lasse Hallstrom and Lena Olin at 'Hypnotist' Premiere

hypnotist - H 2012

The director receive a lifetime achievement tribute at the festival.

Although temperatures were unseasonably low as the Miami International Film Festival kicked off March 1, spirits were high with revelers donning Uggs and the occasional fur coat.

The weekend highlights included a lifetime achievement tribute to director Lasse Hallstrom on March 3. 

Griffin Dunne, who worked with Hallstrom on Once Around, introduced Hallstrom and his latest film, The Hypnotist, which screened at the Olympia Theater, followed by a gala honoring the Cider House Rules helmer at the Epic Hotel Ballroom. 

One of the biggest perks of making The Hypnotist, Hallstrom's first Swedish-language film in nearly three decades, was working with his wife, Lena Olin, who stars.

"We haven't worked together too many times, but it is such a pleasure," Hallstrom says. "It's just the most natural extension of a day in our lives as a married couple. And it's the excitement of having your marriage be a creative assignment."