Michael B. Jordan, Danny Glover, More Actors Star in 'Against the Wall' PSA Against Police Brutality

Screengrab: Against the Wall
Michael B. Jordan in 'Against the Wall' PSA

The short film was co-produced by longtime activist Harry Belafonte.

In response to the climate of hate and protest in the U.S., a short film, Against the Wall, produced by Harry Belafonte through the assistance of his social group Sankofa.org, is attempting to help raise awareness and eradicate the possibility of future lives being lost to preventable violence.

The video stars Michael B. Jordan, Michael K. Williams, Danny Glover along with Marc Lamont Hill and activist and commentator Van Jones and was directed by Christopher Renz and Gerard Bush. It uses excerpts of radio accounts of unarmed black men and boys being shot and killed by police as the various stars play the role of victims who are forced "against the wall."

Said Belafonte: "While the militarization of the police and egregious use of force continues, we know this is a modern form of brutality from our deep and dark past. The constant vilification of people of color is not new to the American psyche. Somehow cell phone video, dash cam video and news media flashing before our very eyes, hour after hour, the murder and victimization of black and brown bodies has desensitized us. By using the faces of those we recognize, familiar faces, we look to re-sensitize the community to really see the problem. The artistic community is responding to the plight of our disenfranchised. We are shining a light and calling out to all to take a look, listen and feel within your heart to take action. As artists we have an opportunity to educate and stimulate thoughts and ideas to shift narratives and not only show life as it is but as it could be.”

Executive producers of the PSA include Raoul Roach, Gina Belafonte and Marvin Bing.

Watch the video below.