Michael B. Jordan Honored With Mother at Inaugural Lupus Awareness Event

Michael B Jordan and mother at MBJAM 17 - H 2017 Getty
Jerod Harris/gettyimages

The ‘Creed’ actor's mom shared her hopes for Selena Gomez, who recently shared news of her kidney transplant.

Although Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti was unable to attend Michael B. Jordan’s inaugural charity event to raise money and awareness for Lupus LA, he made sure the Jordans got a special takeaway. Jordan and his mother Donna were presented with a special proclamation issued by the city of Los Angeles that recognized their efforts and commitment to Lupus LA. In the message, the mayor also wished them great success in their current and future endeavors.

This year marks the first annual MBJAM created by the Lupus LA ambassador, Jordan, who has a special connection to lupus as his mother is currently battling the disease. He aspired to create an event to raise awareness for lupus while involving all members of families, including children.

“You go to so many different charity events and they’re not stale, but they’re very structured," Jordan told The Hollywood Reporter. "I wanted to do something a little different where families could come out, enjoy themselves, you can bring your kids, adults can still have drinks and do their thing and get the business of it all, but then have something for everybody."

Inside the event, held at the Ritz Carlton Marina del Rey and hosted by Terrence Jenkins, attendees participated in silent auctions, viewed virtual realities, received massages, played games and listened to tunes by DJ Casey Connor.

Selena Gomez recently shared a photo via Instagram after she underwent a kidney transplant, which she received as a part of lupus treatment. Mrs. Jordan shared her thoughts on the pop star with The Hollywood Reporter.

“I was preparing for the event trying to figure out what to say and how I was going to present myself because I’m not usually in this kind of arena speaking about [lupus] in this way," she said. "I saw this picture and completely broke down. I’m 60 years old. I feel for [Gomez], you know what I mean? It’s not that it’s any different that I’m older. It’s just, she has her whole life ahead of her, and she has such a vibrant career and that sort of thing."

She continued: "I was really sending my prayers and everything out to her for her quick, speedy recovery because it is such a debilitating illness. People don’t really notice it because it’s almost like if you had a cast on your leg. You’d say, 'Okay, she has a broken leg.' You don’t really see [lupus], and people just sort of hide it a lot because you don’t want the sympathy. You want to be hanging out with everybody else, doing what everybody else does, but the fatigue always kind of slows you down, so it’s something that needs this type of exposure in order to get the attention that it needs.”