Michael B. Jordan Pens Open Letter Addressing 'Black Lives Matter'

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The 'Fantastic Four' actor addressed controversy over reports that he posted a Snapchat video with an "All Lives Matter" message.

Michael B. Jordan has written an open letter addressing his views on the Black Lives Matter movement in an attempt to clear the air following recent criticism from an alleged video where he said "All lives matter."

Jordan has recently taken a significant amount of heat on Twitter in response to an alleged Snapchat video where he says that "All lives matter." Comments about the reported video are the latest criticism of what fans perceive as Jordan seeing no importance in color. He recently received flack for his GQ interview where he said he "wanted to go for roles written for white characters."

Fans took to Twitter to air disappointment that Jordan would make such color-blind statements ignoring the importance of diversity. The increasing controversy resulted in Jordan penning an open letter to Essence

"I believe that Black Lives Matter — unequivocally and without exception," stated Jordan in the letter. "I have never said, written, Snapchatted, tweeted, Instagrammed or implied anything to the contrary. Any report that states otherwise is a complete fabrication."

Jordan said the mixed messages through social media and his GQ interview have shadowed his true opinion. He said he valued his Black Lives Matter speech during the 2015 BET Awards and the fact that he has portrayed black characters onscreen, including Oscar Grant in Fruitvale Station

"In addition to those wonderful roles, I also want to have the option to play all kinds of parts with no door closed to actors and actresses like myself," he added. "My goal is for my choices and opportunities, as well as those of my fellow actors and actresses of color, to be predicated on our talent, ability and passion and not on false notions of what color an artist must be to play certain roles." 

The actor, who is set to star in the boxing drama Creed, also took the time to clear the air about dating rumors with Kendall Jenner and apologized for referring to women as "females'' rather than "women" in his GQ interview. 

"I deeply regret and am ashamed that I said anything to disappoint or disparage them. I apologize with my whole heart for referring to women in the way that I did. The word 'female' used in the manner that I did is dismissive and strips women of their humanity.... But words have power and I realize now more than ever that this careless language is dehumanizing, inappropriate and immature. I'm a better man than that. This reference to women will not come out of my mouth publicly or in private again."