Michael Bay to Be Honored at Alamo Drafthouse 'Baymageddon' Event (Exclusive)

Baymageddon Poster Art - P 2013

Baymageddon Poster Art - P 2013

The “Pain & Gain” helmer is the first to be inducted into the entertainment brand’s “Tough Guy Hall of Fame.”

With the release of Paramount’s Pain & Gain on the horizon, director Michael Bay has caught the eye of Alamo Drafthouse and Tough Guy Cinema.

Bay has been selected as the first to be inducted into the Alamo Drafthouse Tough Guy Hall of Fame, and to celebrate, the entertainment brand is holding a “Baymageddon” extravaganza, featuring a 10-hour mystery marathon of three classic Bay action blockbusters and regional premieres of his latest, starring Mark Wahlberg, Dwayne Johnson and Anthony Mackie.

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“Baymageddon” is slated for April 21, at Alamo Drafthouse locations in Austin and Houston, Texas; Kansas City, Mo.; and Littleton, Colo. Tickets are available for $30.

"When I first started programming the Tough Guy Cinema series for the Alamo Drafthouse, I wanted to take repertory film screenings to a new level, and the first films I could think of were modern masterpieces of mayhem from Michael Bay,” said Greg MacLennan, Alamo programmer. “I wasn’t taught them in school, you don’t see any books on them, but his films deserve to be recognized and revisited on the big screen. Blockbusters may come and go, but his films stand the test of time. He’s made heroes out of everyday actors, and somehow, along the way, he became one himself."

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While the Transformers, Pearl Harbor and Armageddon filmmaker will not be present to accept his lifetime achievement award, he is preparing a special thank you video with his own signature flare. View the special “Baymageddon” trailer below.

Pain & Gain opens nationwide April 26.

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