Michael Bay-Inspired 'Girls' Parody Features Brian Krause

Michael Bay Directed Girls - H 2015

Michael Bay Directed Girls - H 2015

What if Michael Bay directed HBO's 'Girls'?

Have you ever thought of what Lena Dunham's Girls would look like if it was directed by Michael Bay? No? Well, now you don't have to. This new parody leaks all of the feminism out of Girls, and adds in Michael Bay explosions and gratuitous bikini shots.

The video, directed by Alberto Belli and written by Polina Frantsena and Stephanie Lynn, features actor Brian Krause (otherwise known as Leo from Charmed). Krause plays a boss who tells his employee not to put on any weight. Watch below.

"We wanted to satire Hollywood sexism, so we took the most feminist show we could think of and Michael Bay-ified it," writer Lynn told The Hollywood Reporter.

She says Krause had worked with one of the parody's actresses Aurelia Scheppers on a film and she reached out to him with the script. "He thought it was funny and said he'd be happy to do it," said Lynn. "He was such a nice guy, a real pleasure to work with."