Michael Bay pistol-whipping lawsuit dismissed

Director gets written apology from lawyer

A Ventura County lawyer has learned that you don't screw around with Michael Bay.

Six weeks after including the "Transformers" director as a defendant in a pistol-whipping battery lawsuit stemming from a fight at a Hollywood club, attorney Christine Renshaw of Renshaw & Associates has put her tail between her legs, dismissed the case against Bay and issued a written apology to him.

"On behalf of our clients and our firm, we sincerely apologize to Michael Bay for his inclusion
as a defendant in a lawsuit that was recently filed on behalf of our clients Joshua James Stewart and Paul Klimczak arising from an incident at the Kiss Nightclub," according to the statement given to TMZ.

"Mr. Bay was not at the Kiss Nightclub on the night of the events in question, and he had nothing to do with the alleged incident. We are satisfied that, contrary to the allegations in the lawsuit, the man involved in the altercation and identified as "Doe #1" was not Mr. Bay's employee or private security guard."

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