Michael Bloomberg Considering Independent Presidential Bid

Michael Bloomberg

New York Mayor, founder of Bloomberg Lp.

Net Worth: $27 billion

Showbiz Connection: He founded Bloomberg TV and has a SAG card and 91 credits on IMDb at age 71. He lobbied to bring NBC’s Tonight Show back to New York in 2005 and will welcome its return in 2014. but his attempted ban on profitable 16-ounce sugary drinks enraged theater owners.

The billionaire has reportedly told friends and allies that he would spend $1 billion on the campaign.

Former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg is contemplating running for president, according to the New York Times and CNN.. Bloomberg, 73, has already consulted with his advisers to draw up plans for an independent campaign in this year’s presidential race including policy speeches and an advertising campaign promoting him as a problem-solver and self-made businessman.

The New York Times also reported that the billionaire has told friends and allies that he would spend as much as $1 billion of his own money on his campaign, and that he will make a final decision in March.

Bloomberg reportedly will commission a poll on Feb. 9 to determine if there is an opening for him in the race. He previously conducted polling in December to see how he would fare against Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.