Michael Bloomberg's Office Is ... a Cubicle?!

THR Michael Bloomberg - P 2015
Dylan Coulter

THR Michael Bloomberg - P 2015

Yep, the co-founder, CEO and president of Bloomberg LP — a $22.5 billion conglomerate — has no private office (really, he says) and his desk is "exactly the same size as everyone else's," he says as he gives THR a peek for its New York Issue.

This story first appeared in the April 24 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

When Michael Bloomberg, 73, made the jump from mayor of Gotham back to Bloomberg LP head after 11 years away, he wasted no time re-establishing control by installing The Economist's John Micklethwait as top editor. He also revived "the bullpen," a privacy-deprived hive of cubicles on the fifth floor that puts Bloomberg within shouting distance of his lieutenants. Passing by his photo-lined perch, you'd be hard-pressed to guess that its occupant presides over a $22.5 billion conglomerate; his assistant sits a few feet away. Bloomberg denies reports that he keeps a more ostentatious office elsewhere. "There are no private offices at Bloomberg," he insists. "My desk is exactly the same size as everyone else's."

At City Hall, Bloomberg was known for starting his workday at 7 a.m. and not departing until 9 p.m. At Bloomberg, he adheres to a similarly grueling schedule. "In business, it's dog-eat-dog," he jokes. "In government, it's exactly the opposite!" The Upper East Sider isn't big on weekends, either. "Our company has 16,000 people in 73 cities, so work never stops — for any company that wants to be competitive," he says. "I was just in Dubai and Abu Dhabi; their workweek starts on Sunday." When he's not dipping into his company's famous free buffet of chips, fruit, candy bars and sodas, he enjoys the Upper East Side's JG Melon for the burgers: "In my opinion, there's nothing better than a good diner."

Hanging on a wall is a panel of TV screens — one permanently set to Bloomberg and the rest rotating among CNN, Fox News and CNBC.

A photo of Bloomberg as a young man at Salomon Brothers, circa 1975.

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