Michael Chow and Eva Chow on Why L.A. Is "The Most Exciting City"

Two of Michael's six Mr Chow restaurants are located in the Los Angeles area

Michael Chow and his wife Eva love Los Angeles.  

When the restaurateur, who is responsible for one of Hollywood's favorite eateries, Mr Chow, sat down for an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, he lauded L.A., saying, "It is a very, very important city and full of energy." He added: "All of the good people are coming here."

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Two of the six Mr Chows are located in Los Angeles, with one in Beverly Hills and another in Malibu. The upscale Chinese restaurant is frequented by everyone from Leslie Moonves to Beyonce and Jay Z. The other locations include London, New York and Miami.

"Right now is the time for Los Angeles, like how the '80s were New York and maybe the '60s was London," explains Eva, who is a Los Angeles County Museum of Art trustee. 

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"This time, right now, the most exciting city to me, in the world, is Los Angeles." 

For more from the couple, watch the video above, and read the full story here.