Michael Connelly Says Amazon Eyeing 'Lincoln Lawyer' TV Show That CBS "Killed" (Exclusive)

Michael Connelly - H 2012
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The author says a deal with Amazon would give the streamer his complete "universe" to add to police procedural drama 'Bosch.'

CBS may not be proceeding with The Lincoln Lawyer, its high-profile legal drama from David E. Kelley, but Michael Connelly — whose bestselling novels the project is based on — says the show has other suitors in the works.

"The good thing is there appears to be people, networks and so forth that want to just step in and take it," the author told the newly launched Bestsellers podcast from Natalie Jamieson and Phil Williams in an episode due to go live on Thursday.

Connelly also confirmed that Amazon was among those he was talking to, adding such a deal would give the streamer the opportunity to eventually blend The Lincoln Lawyer with its police procedural drama Bosch, also created by Connelly and now on its sixth season.

"And to me that is a good sales pitch because then you could have these people and the universe. Yeah, you could have people crossing paths and all that kind of stuff. It'd be fun to do."

Regarding The Lincoln Lawyer's collapse at CBS, Connelly blamed the novel coronavirus crisis, saying that the production team was two days away from filming before the town in which it was to shoot shut down.

"And then, a month later, [CBS] decided not to go forward with it," he said, claiming that the show was different from standard "network fare" in that it was going to be serialized rather than episodic.

"So it was a bit risky for them and they decided, in this environment, to not do any risky programming, and so they killed it basically," he added. "It was a shock. I mean, we had actors set, we had directors set, we had sets being built. It was right on the precipice of becoming a reality when this happened. So it's very disappointing."