Michael Fassbender, Jimmy Fallon Pour Ice Water Down Each Other's Pants in "Frozen Blackjack"

Michael Fassbender and Jimmy Fallon — H 2016

The actor also shares his Michael McDonald impression.

Jimmy Fallon and Michael Fassbender played "frozen blackjack" on Tuesday night's Tonight Show. The game is blackjack with an icy twist — the winner pours a pitcher of ice water down a funnel into the loser's pants.

Fallon lost the first round of the game and positioned the funnel. "So the entire thing goes down your pants?" asked Fassbender. "It's up to you," responds Fallon nervously.

The Tonight Show host screamed as Fassbender poured the ice water into the funnel. "You don't want to do the whole thing at once, c'mon dude," pleaded Fallon.

Nevertheless, Fassbender emptied his pitcher. "It's still going," said Fassbender, laughing.

"Oh my gosh, I think a cube went down there," said Fallon. "I'm crying on the inside," he added, once they played the second round. "I'm going to stay."

Fallon lost again and had another pitcher poured in. Then he brought out his secret (cheat) weapon — a giant jug of cold water.

"It's so rigged," said Fassbender, who tried to stay in the third round but was egged on by Fallon and the audience, eventually losing.

Halfway through pouring the jug into the funnel, Fallon stopped and poured it directly onto Fassbender's pants.

During the interview portion of his visit, Fassbender shared a story about his dad's propensity to give famous actors advice. Fallon then talked about his mother "accidentally" wandering into singer Michael McDonald's dressing room, which prompted Fassbender to share his impression of the singer.