Michael Jackson Autopsy Photos: Fans Lash Out Over Broadcast, Publication

UPDATED: The images were revealed in court on Tuesday, airing live on HLN and quickly surfacing to the web.

A controversial piece of evidence in the Michael Jackson trial made waves on Tuesday, Oct. 11, when Dr. Christopher Rogers took the stand to discuss the autopsy of the late King of Pop.

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Images of Jackson prepared for autopsy were revealed to the jury, in which he is lying naked on a gurney with only his genitals censored. The photographs were aired briefly during HLN’s live coverage of the trial and quickly made their way onto sites such as TMZ and PerezHilton.com.
CNN reports that the Jackson family was warned before the photo was displayed, and that one fan fled the courtroom in tears after seeing the disturbing image. The jury, however, displayed no outward signs of emotion.

Fans outside the courtroom expressed sadness and rage over the media’s decision to publicize the autopsy photos. Several users took to Twitter to share their disgust and ask that sites such as TMZ – which posted the images on its homepage – to remove the images promptly.

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Andenika Adams
“HLN sucks for showing that autopsy photo of MJ. That was beyond disrespectful,” tweeted Andenika.
J to the izz O.
“Did TMZ really need to post those autopsy photos of MJ?”

None of the fans want to see this photo autopsy! I want to see my King dancing, singing, and enchanting.
Oh for cripes sakes, it is a death trial, autopsy pics WILL be shown.MJ or not, death is not pretty but it is real. #hln
Alecia Frost
SO NOT COOL: HLN Airs Autopsy Image of Michael Jackson's Naked Body
Just caught some talk on HLN, just the idea of seeing this new autopsy picture gave me the shakes and I was almost in tears. *sigh*
Brandon Cox
I refuse to look at the MJ autopsy/coroner photos. No thank you.
Claudia Sommer
Editors of TMZ.com are selling their souls to the devil by showing MJ autopsy photos... This is more than disgusting
Barb Vaclavik
No one deserves stripped-down autopsy photos shown on entertainment or 'news' channels. No one. Leave MJ some dignity. At least in death.
The Disappointment
Dont get why would you release the autopsy photos of MJ to the public?? so much for RIP

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Additionally, one user to begin tweeting the photos to Jackson’s elder children, Prince, 14, and Paris, 13. Fans responded in droves, reporting the account and requesting that Twitter deactivate it immediately.
Michaels Justice
MJFAM - If you are on Twitter - PLEASE report this person ASAP @TriangleLove1. Tweeting photo's of Michael's autopsy to Paris.
Please report PERVERT! Sending autopsy photos to Michael's kids. Pervert's twitter is @TriangleLove1
Sara Rooney
EVERYBODY block/report @TriangleLove1 they keep sending the autopsy photos to Prince&Paris!!! Sick! _-

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During the trial, Dr. Rogers testified that Jackson did not self-administer the lethal dose of propofol, thereby delivering a severe blow to the defense’s argument.

"As with any video of a sensitive nature, we have been judicious in its use," a representative from HLN told The Hollywood Reporter regarding the photos. "Viewers were given a warning and disclaimer about the photo -- it appeared briefly to provide context to the testimony."