Pharmacist Testifies That Conrad Murray Lied, Doctor's Girlfriends Take Stand

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On the afternoon the singer died, Nicole Alvarez, mother to Murray's young son, said on Tuesday that she received a call from the doctor telling her "not to be alarmed."

A cocktail waitress and girlfriend of Michael Jackson's doctor, Conrad Murray, took the stand on Tuesday, recalling the phone call that Murray made after he realized the singer was not breathing.

Sade Anding told the jury that she received a phone call from Murray at 11:51 a.m., Los Angeles Times reports, the morning Jackson died on June 25, 2009. Five to six minutes in, Murray could no longer be heard on the other end of the phone, Anding said. She recalled telling him about her day "and that's when I realized he was no longer on the phone," she said.

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Michelle Bella testified that Murray sent a text message that same morning. An employee who worked for Murray also took the stand, recalling the phone calls she had with Murray in Jackson's final hours.

Nicole Alvarez, the mother to Murray's young son, said that Murray would leave their Santa Monica apartment at night -- around 9 p.m. -- to take care of Jackson. She noted that Murray would oftentimes return early the next morning, but soon would not return until closer to 9 a.m. or even later. (Alvarez first met Murray in 2005 in Las Vegas.)

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She said that Murray told her in 2008, that he was Jackson's doctor and took her to meet the singer. Alvarez testified that she received seven packages at her apartment for Murray, which prosecutors said included the anesthetic that was ruled to have caused Jackson's death. She said she often picked up Murray's packages, but had no knowledge of what was in them and never asked.

The day Jackson died, she recalled receiving a phone call at 1 p.m. from Murray telling her he was en route to the hospital and "not to be alarmed."

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When asked about the contract between AEG and Murray that was faxed to her apartment (which she had see that the doctor would receive $150,000 per month), Alvarez said she couldn't recall those specific details.

Among the bevy of witnesses who took the stand included a pharmacist, Tim Lopez, who testified that he sent amounts of propofol to Murray, who claimed that it was for several patients he oversaw -- which he didn't have. Lopez said that the orders increased from 35 vials in early April to 64 vials in late April and mid-May. In June, Murray placed his biggest order: 90 vials, Fox 11 News reports.

Murray faces four years in prison if convicted of involuntary manslaughter and would lose his medical license.