New Michael Jackson Music Hits the Web

Is Katherine Jackson trying to take the wind out of Sony's sails? As the label gears up to release Michael, the long-awaited posthumous Michael Jackson album on December 14, the late star's mother has authorized a free leak of her own: a track called "Opis None" which was plucked from the library of the Michael Jackson Secret Vault, the company that released the book Never Can Say Goodbye, curated and narrated by Mrs. Jackson.

This twleve-minute long "song" featuring a mostly hushed Michael, meanders and saunters through lush soundscapes -- guitars, strings, the sounds of children -- while a driving beat keeps the tempo steady and groovy. Remixes are already popping up all over the web. What's missing? A proper vocal with lyrics.  Considering the archive claims to own over 300 unreleased tracks, you would think there would be at one complete song in the mix. But perhaps that speaks to Mrs. Jackson's reported objection to the upcoming Sony collection -- the estate had questioned the authenticity of the Sony recordings, some of which came out of a 2007 session at the New Jersey home of producer Eddie Cascio. Although subsequent reports assert that all issues had been sorted out.

Sony released a teaser for a forthcoming single called "Breaking News" earlier this week -- the song premieres on November 8. The only thing about it that screamed Michael Jackson was the scream at the 41 second mark.  The clip cuts off a second later.

No matter which way you slice it -- tiny snippet or desperately-in-need-of-an-edit -- the hunger for new Michael Jackson music seems to be at an all-time high, and that's something Sony can take to the bank.

Listen to "Opis None" below: