Michael Jackson most-searched Web term

King of Pop tops Yahoo's annual list; 'New Moon' is second

Entertainment was -- as per usual -- top of mind among Internet surfers this year, with "Michael Jackson" being the most-searched term.

Yahoo released its annual list of top online searches Tuesday. That list is usually topped by Britney Spears, though the King of Pop and four others beat her this time around.

Jackson's sudden and mysterious death, followed by a well-hyped memorial service and a hit movie, ensured that a massive spike in online attention didn't evaporate too quickly, so it was no surprise that he took the top spot this year.

No. 2, "The Twilight Saga: New Moon," though, is less obvious, because it is the only film title to crack the top 10.

Third is "World Wrestling Entertainment." It first appeared on Yahoo's top 10 list in 2006, and this year three events conspired to make sure it is still a very popular search term: the death of Captain Lou Albano, the announcement that CEO Linda McMahon would resign and run for a U.S. Senate seat in Connecticut and the WWE's stated goal to woo a younger crowd, beginning with a partnership with Mattel.

Fourth is "Megan Fox," the sexy starlet with a penchant for saying controversial things, like criticizing "Transformers," the very movie that made her famous. Or wishing that the evil Megatron from that film would demolish "the white trash, hillbilly, anti-gay, super Bible-beating people in Middle America."

"Britney Spears" -- less risque and less controversial than she has been in the past -- was fifth on the list.

"Naruto" was sixth, probably thrilling the folks at Disney XD, which began airing the anime show "Naruto: Shippuden" in October. For the uninitiated, Naruto is an adoslescent Japanese comic book character training to be a powerful ninja.

"American Idol," the top-rated TV show of the year, is No. 7 on Yahoo's list, no doubt helped by Kris Allen's tight victory over the more flamboyant Adam Lambert and the announcement that judge Paula Abdul would be replaced by Ellen DeGeneres.

An on-again, off-again romance with NFL star Reggie Bush and her own E! reality TV show propelled "Kim Kardashian" into the No. 8 spot. "NASCAR" was No. 9, and the free online game "RuneScape" was No. 10.

Google also released a list Tuesday that separated top searches into various categories. For example:

-- Miley Cyrus is the most searched-for Twitter account.

-- Jon and Kate Gosselin is the most-searched break-up.

-- "Poker Face" by Lady Gaga is the top search for song lyrics.

-- Taylor Swift is the most-searched-for concert ticket.

-- "Twitter" is the fastest-rising search term, while "John McCain" is the fastest-falling.