Michael Jackson's Family Slams 'Urban Myths' Trailer, Joseph Fiennes Casting

"Where is the respect?"

Fans aren't the only ones feeling disturbed over the upcoming comedy Urban Myths' first trailer showing Joseph Fiennes as Michael Jackson; the late pop icon's family is upset as well.

Following the British TV film's tailer release on Tuesday, Jackson's daughter Paris Jackson and his nephew Taj Jackson both voiced their frustration on Twitter.

The cousins expressed that they saw this as being intentionally insulting toward Michael Jackson's legacy — as well as the late Elizabeth Taylor, who is played by Stockard Channing. Paris Jackson even went so far as to say the alleged disrespect makes her want to vomit.

The trailer shows only a few seconds of Fiennes' portrayal of the King of Pop, but many have called the move to cast a white actor in the role as culturally insensitive. Amid backlash to the news of Fiennes' casting, the actor told The Hollywood Reporter in February 2016 that though the film is "not a biopic," he understood why people were "up in arms."

Urban Myths debuts Jan. 19 on the U.K.'s Sky Arts.

See their tweets below.

This article originally appeared on Billboard.com.