Michael Kors Does "Apres-Ski" for New Men's Collection

Michael Kors Looks Split - H 2016
Courtesy of Michael Kors

Michael Kors Looks Split - H 2016

During his NYFWM presentation, he also said of dressing Saoirse Ronan for SAGs: "It's kismet when it's the right girl in the right dress."

"It's that time of year where there are a lot of moving parts" Michael Kors told us at his fall 2016 men's presentation on Wednesday morning. With his big women's show in two weeks and Oscars around the corner, he took a moment to reflect on Saoirse Ronan's memorable gown of his design from Saturday's SAG Awards.

"I hate to say the cliche of pretty in pink, but to do something in that color and not make it insipid but streamlined, modern but smart at the same time" was the goal, he said.

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Kors was quick to say it was all about Ronan. "When you design a dress and think, 'Wouldn't that be perfect on ... ?' And I had just seen Brooklyn and thought she really has that modern, romantic feeling," he told us. "It's kismet when it's the right girl in the right dress."

As for the menswear for next fall, Kors showed a mix that ranged from a full-length teddy-bear shearling as an update on his essential camel coat to a shiny down-filled pullover and matching utility pant that he called "tropical tech."

Of a lush fur-trimmed anorak jacket that was his kind of season-less, he quipped: "You get in the plane in L.A. wearing it over a T-shirt and throw on a sweater when you arrive in Aspen. No one puts clothes in storage anymore."

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Warming to the theme, he gestured to a donegal cashmere sweater and quilted scarf that "would be a coat in L.A. I always see these guys in Malibu in a tank top and a big scarf and I think, 'Can I pull this off?' I don't think I can."

More his speed was the black and white ski sweater worn under a black leather down-filled vest, inspired by Robert Redford in Downhill Racer. It reminded him of a similar style he wore as a youngster, a "Proustian memory" — even though he never took to the slopes. "I was only 'apres-ski' as a child," he deadpanned. "I had great outfits."

KOZY IN KORS: Models at Michael Kors' menswear fall 2016 show. (Courtesy photos)