Michael Mann's 'Cyber' Film Shoot Moves to Hong Kong

Michael Mann

Star Chris Hemsworth, along with Chinese actress Tang Wei and Taiwanese actor Wang Leehom, are reportedly partaking in all-night shoots on the crime thriller.

HONG KONG – Filming on director Michael Mann’s new thriller Cyber is taking place in Hong Kong. 

The Heat helmer and Thor star Chris Hemsworth, along with Chinese actress Tang Wei (Lust, Caution) and Taiwanese actor Wang Leehom (Little Big Soldier), are partaking in all-night shoots in the heart of the territory, Central, as well as tourist spot Temple Street, according to Apple Daily. The production shut down a five-lane road in Central for filming June 25, according to China.com.cn.

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Produced by Legendary Pictures, Cyber is written, produced and directed by Mann. Shooting on the cyber-crime thriller commenced May 17 in Los Angeles and moved to Hong Kong on June 23. The film revolves around a U.S.-China anti-cybertheft task force in pursuit of a Southeast Asia-based hacker from the Balkans. Tang plays the love interest of lead Hemsworth and the sister of Wang’s character, according to local reports.

Hong Kong has been used as a backdrop for recent Hollywood productions, including a battle scene in the Hong Kong harbor in the upcoming monster and robot fest Pacific Rim by director Guillermo del Toro. Filming on Michael Bay’s Transformers 4 also will take place in Hong Kong later this month.