Michael Moore Backs Senate Page Protester Brigette DePape

Michael Moore
Lee Celano/AFP/Getty Images

Michael Moore has posted to his website a photo of Brigitte DePape holding a red "Stop Harper" sign in the Canadian Senate to protest the upcoming agenda of the ruling Conservatives in Ottawa.

TORONTO -- Michael Moore has added to former Canadian Senate page Brigette DePape’s 15 minutes of fame by posting a giant photo of her flashing a red hand-painted "Stop Harper" sign in the Senate chamber as the Queen’s Speech was being read.

As Canada’s political establishment, and prime minister Stephen Harper, looked on in shocked silence at DePape’s defiant protest unfolding on nationwide TV, it took 20 seconds before the 21 year-old Senate page was escorted from the chamber.

Now Moore on his website under the headline “Canada Gets Warmer” has quoted DePape telling Canadian reporters that prime minister Harper’s “agenda is disastrous for this country and for my generation,” and that Canada requires an “Arab spring.”

Moore’s website also directs traffic to DePape’s “Stop Harper” Facebook page.