Michael Moore Presents His "10-Point Plan to Stop Trump"

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for The Webby Awards

"Let's make Trump toast again."

Michael Moore officially has unveiled his plan to "stop Trump."

The filmmaker, a longtime critic and opponent of President Donald Trump, who also created and debuted the film Michael Moore in TrumpLand just before the 2016 election, posted to his website on Tuesday "The Michael Moore Easy-to-Follow 10-Point Plan to Stop Trump."

"First, let's acknowledge what we all know to be true," Moore begins in his post. "Trump is in deep, deep trouble — in the pocket of Russians, surrounded by alt.right idiots, alone in his bathrobe in a mostly-empty White House — and caught inside a disgusting 'shit-sandwich', so said his supporter who turned down the NSA job."

Moore goes on to say that though he doesn't have too much faith in Trump's "so-called presidency," the filmmaker does see a bright side, he says, listing examples of acts of protest against Trump since he took office, the courts ruling against his travel ban and the current "platoon of satirists" taking on Trump. 

"Our beautiful Army of Comedy — with its Platoon of Satirists led by Alec Baldwin and Melissa McCarthy — is killing it!" reads the post. "The devastating impersonation of White House spokesman Sean Spicer by McCarthy has Trump fuming to the point where he has considered getting rid of Spicer. Politico says he simply can't watch one of his top aides being portrayed by ... a woman!"

McCarthy has portrayed Spicer since earlier this month when she made her debut as an aggressive version of the White House press secretary. Baldwin has been impersonating the president consistently, to Trump's chagrin, and brought SNL ratings highs when he also hosted the show Feb. 12. 

"So the momentum is with us right now," writes Moore, "and if we all just take a little time to do the Action Plan below, I'm convinced we'll succeed in halting the dark force that is Trump. We can tie him up in knots at every turn, and eventually, we can bring him down."

His plan includes calling Congress every day ("Remember — A call a day keeps the Trump away"), join national groups like the ACLU, run for office, follow and share reports from the media who "are doing a good job," and finally to "join the army of comedy." 

"I truly believe the final tipping point for Trump will be when he implodes from all the laughter — the mocking, the unbearable ridicule of tens of millions of Americans that will discombobulate him and force him out of the White House."

He concludes in his post: "Let's make Trump toast again."