Michael Moore Slams Fox News, Trump After Seeing His Picture on Bombing Suspect's Vehicle

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Wesley Mann

An image of Moore's face with a bull's-eye over it was plastered on suspect Cesar Sayoc's van alongside the bumper sticker "CNN Sucks" and images of Trump and Mike Pence.

Michael Moore responded to pictures of bombing suspect Cesar Sayoc's van that show a photo of the filmmaker with a bull's-eye plastered on it by slamming Fox News and President Donald Trump on Friday. And he used the moment to urge a vote against all of Trump's "enablers" in order to eliminate "the violent culture he instigates and nurtures."

"The accused bomber plastered a picture of me on the side of his van, with a crosshairs target over my face. Actually, the target is over my neck, which I'll take as a minor concession on his part," Moore said in a statement. 

A Miami Herald photograph and CNN footage show that Moore's picture was plastered on the van alongside a bumper sticker emblazoned "CNN Sucks" and a picture of Hillary Clinton with a bull's-eye over her face, as well as images of Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.

The 56-year-old Sayoc has been charged with five federal felonies, including interstate transportation of explosives and threats to former presidents. He faces up to 58 years in prison after 13 devices suspected to originate from him have been uncovered.

"The threat of right-wing violence against figures on the American left is not new. It is not an aberration. It is not a violation of norms. It IS the norm," Moore added. "Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News Channel and right-wing radio have preyed upon those who've seen their American Dream go up in smoke, and they have helped to create a generation of angry and violent conspiracy theorists who will believe any lie that is perpetrated on those airwaves. These angry right wing men have been openly encouraged to act on those lies, even as late as this very morning when Trump was tweeting his doubts that the bombs were real."

Moore ended his statement by slamming Trump and encouraging Americans to get to the polls during the upcoming midterm elections. "Sadly, the new and dangerous dynamic of political violence in America is that it is now promoted and encouraged by the President of the United States. We must vote out of office all enablers of this man and the violent culture he instigates and nurtures. There are millions and millions of us who will never be intimidated, who will never back down, and who will show up on Election Day.”

So far, bombs have been sent to Democratic politicians, donors and advocates including Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, George Soros, Robert De Niro and John Brennan, former director of the CIA. FBI Director Chris Wray warned Friday that "other packages "may be out there now or on the way."

Moore's latest film, Fahrenheit 11/9, in part attacked Trump and his role in creating a toxic political environment.