Michael Moore Tells Bill Maher: "Trump Is Going to Win"

Michael Moore on Bill Maher - H 2016
YouTube/Real Time with Bill Maher

The filmmaker appeared on Maher's 'Real Time With Bill Maher' GOP convention special on Wednesday.

During Wednesday's special edition of Real Time With Bill Maher, Michael Moore told Bill Maher he thinks that Donald Trump will win the election.

Maher first took the stage at his Los Angeles studio to offer his take on a raucous three days that has seen a rebellion on the convention floor, accusations of plagiarism and booing of prominent speakers.

Maher started things off a bit late ("Mike Pence wouldn't shut the f— up") to an enthusiastic response from his audience. Speakers at Wednesday's "Make America First Again"-themed program at the Republican National Convention included Ted Cruz, Newt Gingrich and Trump's running mate Mike Pence, who used his speech to accept the GOP's vice-presidential nomination.

Maher's guests for the evening were documentary filmmaker Michael Moore, MSNBC host Joy-Ann Reid and "Savage Love" columnist Dan Savage. Later in the show, he spoke to Tony Schwartz, the ghostwriter of Trump's Art of the Deal, who recently condemned the Republican nominee.

"After three nights of watching the Republican convention, it is great to be here with my gay, black communist pals," Maher said of his guests.

Moore drew gasps from the audience when he stated his belief that Trump would win the election. "I'm sorry to have to be the buzzkill here so early on, but I think Trump is going to win."

The audience booed, but Maher responded that "the enemy is complacency" and he was glad Moore said it because he "certainly could win."

Conversation turned to Trump's reading habits, the third-world quality of government that Trump's sons bring to the table and whether Obama would be held to the same standards as Trump. Schwartz delivered a harsh criticism of Trump, whom he called "a sociopath" and a step toward the end of civilization.

The special edition retained audience favorites such as "New Rules," a segment that Maher used Wednesday to put Roger Ailes, the embattled Fox executive, on blast, saying he was responsible for a virulent conservatism in America.

Maher was not the only late-night host to air special episodes during the convention, with Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers, Samantha Bee and Trevor Noah also airing their own special editions throughout the week.

HBO will broadcast a second Real Time RNC special tomorrow night at 8 p.m. PT. Watch the Trump discussion below.