Michael Moore Slams Obama: History Will Only Remember You Were a Black President

He also adds, on the 20th anniversary of 'Roger & Me,' Detroit would be better off as a Syrian or Iraqi city.

Michael Moore sees President Obama's legacy as set. The progressive documentary filmmaker couldn't help but express his disappointment with the legislative accomplishments of the politician.

"When the history is written of this era, this is how you'll be remembered: He was the first black president," Moore said during a discussion at The Hollywood Reporter's video lounge at the Toronto Film Festival.

"OK, not a bad accomplishment, but that's it," the director said. "That's it, Mr. Obama. 100 years from now: 'He was the first black American that got elected president.' And that's it. Eight years of your life and that's what people are going to remember. Boy, I got a feeling, knowing you, that — you'd probably wish you were remembered for a few other things, a few other things you could've done."

"So, it is, on that level, a big disappointment," Moore said.

The documentary filmmaker appeared at the Toronto festival for a screening of his acclaimed title Roger & Me, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. The film, centered on GM's then-CEO Roger Smith, kickstarted Moore's career in creating controversial political documentaries, including Bowling for Columbine, Fahrenheit 9/11 and Capitalism: A Love Story.

A Blu-ray version of Roger & Me will be released on Oct. 7 by Warner Home Entertainment.