Michael Moore Rallies Pro-Union Demonstrators in Wisconsin

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The "Fahrenheit 9/11" documentarian implores crowd not to give up their fight to maintain public employees' collective bargaining rights.


Capitalism: A Love Story and Fahrenheit 9/11 director Michael Moore on Saturday implored demonstrators in Wisconsin to continue fighting Gov. Scott Walker's efforts to strip public employees of collective bargaining rights.

Moore told the crowd, "We're going to do this together. Don't give up. Please don't give up."

The documentarian also thanked the 14 Democratic state senators that fled the state in order to block the legislation.

The Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA) have also opposed the governor's efforts to limit public employee wages, require employees to pay more for pension and health benefits and, perhaps most controversially, constrict the scope of collective bargaining and force public unions to hold yearly votes on whether they should remain in existence.

Crowds have been demonstrating against the measures for weeks in Madison, the state's capitol.