Michael Moore, Susan Sarandon Make Appearances at Wall Street Protests

Michael Moore Susan Sarandon Split - H 2011
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Michael Moore Susan Sarandon Split - H 2011

UPDATE: "Change has to start somewhere," the director told the crowd on Monday night.

Director Michael Moore and actress Susan Sarandon both made appearances in lower Manhattan to speak a few words of support to the Wall Street protesters.

Moore, a well-known activist, stopped by Zuccotti Park on Monday where protesters were on their 10th day of demonstrations against the corporate greed of Wall Street.

“Change has to start somewhere. Why not here?" Moore said to protesters and reporters.

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"A lot of people, they end up...doing well and they completely forget about who they are and where they come from,” added Moore.

Later on Tuesday, Sarandon also made a stop at Occupy Wall Street, telling the crowd, "It never changes from the top, it only changes from the bottom, and this is great."

The protesters have had a tumultuous time during the protests, especially on Saturday when police made 87 arrests during a march to Union Square. Protesters criticized the police for being aggressive and using pepper spray on peaceful marchers. The police deny these claims.

Moore, who directed the documentaries Fahrenheit 9/11, Bowling for Columbine and Sicko, also spoke on Piers Morgan Tonight on Monday about the Wall Street protests.

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While Moore said “I do well for a documentary filmmaker” when Piers asked him about if capitalism is wrong, Moore also said, "We reward people for making money off money, and moving money around and dividing up mortgages a thousand times over, selling it to China...and it becomes this shell game."

“We got so lost, we have been so on the wrong path for quite some time now,” said Moore.

Watch part of Moore's interview on Piers Morgan Tonight: