Michael Moore Tells Personal Ted Nugent Story, Calls Rocker 'Sick' (Video)

The documentary filmmaker, a juror at this year's Tribeca Film Festival, talks to THR about politics and his reaction to the violent rhetoric that came out of the National Rifle Association convention.

Michael Moore and Ted Nugent rest on far opposite sides of the Hollywood political spectrum: Moore is a committed liberal who won an Oscar for a documentary that took on the gun industry, while Nugent is an arch conservative and vehement supporter of gun rights.

It was natural, then, to ask Moore what he thought about the controversial, violent remarks Nugent made at the National Rifle Association's convention last week, in which he called on members to cut off Democrats' heads and likened President Obama to a coyote that should be shot.

"It's sick. There's a story that just came out, actually a couple of hours ago, somebody just sent it to me, where the Secret Service went to Ted's ranch in 2005, when they were down there in Crawford – he lives in Crawford – and they went there and they let him shoot their guns at some barbecue he was having, some party," Moore told The Hollywood Reporter on Wednesday night at the opening of the Tribeca Film Festival.

"So the Secret Service was partying with Ted Nugent, and he takes their guns from them, and he [says] he had some bowling pins as targets. And he goes, 'We're just going to pretend that's Michael Moore down there, and I'm going to blow him up,' and he fires the gun," Moore continued. "The guy's a sick guy. I don't know what to say."

Nugent's remarks also drew the ire of the Democratic National Committee, which called for Mitt Romney to denounce his hard-earned support, and the Secret Service, which launched a probe into the comments.

Moore also spoke to the recent free trade deal with Colombia that was approved by the White House. Calling himself a supporter of fair trade, Moore said, "I voted for President Obama, I'm a big supporter of his, and I'm also quite disappointed on many levels with him."