Michael Moore on Trump's Mueller Retweet, Need for Impeachment, How Democrats Can Win in 2020

Lloyd Bishop/NBC

"Your behavior has caused us to impeach you and now we'll send you to the Senate for trial," the director said in an appearance on 'Late Night With Seth Meyers.'

Michael Moore responded to Donald Trump retweeting his post about Robert Mueller's testimony when he visited Late Night With Seth Meyers on Thursday.

Following the testimony on Wednesday, Moore tweeted, "A frail old man, unable to remember things, stumbling, refusing to answer basic questions...I said it in 2017 and Mueller confirmed it today — All you pundits and moderates and lame Dems who told the public to put their faith in the esteemed Robert Mueller — just STFU from now on."

Trump retweeted Moore's tweet and added, "Even Michael Moore agrees that the Dems and Mueller blew it!"

Despite the fact that both men have been vocal about disagreeing with each other, Moore said that many of Trump's tweets directed at him are not attacks. 

"I think he's a little afraid to come completely at me because, essentially, I'm his base. I'm an angry white guy over the age of 50 and I have a high school education," said Moore. "You don't want to go at me too hard, but I so enjoy it when he does."

Moore added that he responded to Trump's retweet by joking that the "frail old man" mentioned in the original tweet was actually Trump.

The director also spoke about how he still believes Trump should be impeached. "I don't know what's wrong with the Democrats. For history's sake, for the children, you have to say this is wrong. Presidents cannot break the law," he said. "I know that what everybody says is, 'Yeah, well, but the Senate won't—' The Senate doesn't impeach. Impeach[ment] is only done by the House and it means that your behavior has caused us to impeach you and now we'll send you to the Senate for trial."

Moore then spoke about the 2020 election. "I think, actually, whoever the Democratic candidate is will get two million more votes than Hillary [Clinton]'s three million that she beat [Trump] with. I think we'll get five million next year, and we could still lose the Electoral College," he said.

"We have to do some things to make sure we have the right candidate. We have to have a beloved American running, not a professional politician," he said of who the Democratic candidate should be. "If you put up a professional politician against Trump, you got to have somebody who's gonna inspire the base."

He said that the base of the Democratic party are women, people of color and young adults between the ages of 18-35. "That's 70 percent of who's gonna vote next year," Moore said. "You've got to come up with a candidate to where when people wake up on election morning next year, they got to have that sense that if you voted in '08 or '12 for Obama — you remember that feeling that morning? You couldn't wait to get to the polls!"

"Who are you gonna say that about of the 25 that are running right now? When you wake up a year from November," Moore mused, offering less-than-enthusiastic cheers for John Hickenlooper and Joe Biden. "I love Joe Biden, but we got to win."

Moore added that the Democrats need a candidate that's "a street fighter" because that's the only way to defeat Trump. "You're going up against a bully," he said. Moore then said that he only views two of the current candidates, including Bernie Sanders, as street fighters.

Later in the appearance, Moore spoke about a way to get people to the polls to vote for Democratic measures in 2020, speaking about flipping Michigan, which voted for Trump in 2016, in the midterms.

"Let me tell you how we did it," he said. "Ballot proposals brought out the people to vote last November who may not have voted, so we came up with this idea. Let's get two ballot proposals."

Moore explained that the idea came from Karl Rove and George W. Bush. The two got 14 states to put proposals about banning gay marriage on the ballot in 2004, Moore said, which "brought out enough people to get Bush [re]elected."

The director suggested that the same technique be used to bring out voters for the 2020 election. "If we put ballot measures on the ballots. We did it in Michigan with marijuana legalization — we doubled the youth vote from the previous off-year election," he said. Moore added that the number of African-American voters also significantly increased because Michigan had a ballot proposal to make gerrymandering and voter suppression illegal. "We had a huge African-American turnout and we got Democrats elected off it."

"Instead of putting all of our hopes in one politician to carry the thing, we have to get these ballot proposals on in the swing states," he said. "That will bring out people to vote."

Moore added that he told Trump on Twitter to watch his appearance on the late-night show so that he could tell him, "How we're gonna remove you from the White House next year."

He said that the Democrats now must choose a candidate that can "crush" Trump. "We all have to agree we're all gonna vote for the person that isn't just gonna beat Trump, 'cause I think there's four or five candidates now that could beat him. Beating him isn't good enough. Hillary beat him," he said. "We have to crush Trump. It has to be orange crush. Operation Orange Crush."