Michael Moore's 'Where to Invade Next' to Get Free Screenings in Flint, Michigan

Where to Invade Next Still 2 - H 2015
Courtesy of Dog Eat Dog Films

The Oscar-winning filmmaker was born in the community.

Flint, Mich., residents will be able to see Michael Moore's Where to Invade Next for free at local theaters.

Beginning on Friday, Cinemark’s Flint West 14 and the NCG Trillium Cinema + Imax will give out tickets at no charge for a full one-week run.   

Moore was born in Flint and made the 1989 documentary Roger and Me about General Motors closing all of its auto plants in the city. 

Flint has recently made headlines for its water crisis, where the city's drinking water has become contaminated with lead due to government oversight. Moore visited the city on Jan. 16 to speak about the tragedy and show his support for his hometown and its citizens. 

"This is the most important film of the year for Americans to see as we head into a pivotal Presidential election," Tom Quinn, Jason Janego and Tim League, distributors for Moore’s new film, said Wednesday in a statement. "The single most impactful message in this film is the idea of being a good neighbor — treating people with respect, helping one another and looking out for the good of others rather than just yourself. This message resonates particularly in Flint right now, so we wanted to make the film free of charge to all of its residents.”

Where to Invade Next sees the Oscar-winning filmmaker looking into how Europeans view work, education, health care, sex, equality and other issues as compared to the U.S.